Can You Retrofit Heated Seats in a Classic Jaguar E-Type for Improved Comfort?

The classic Jaguar E-Type, often admired for its timeless elegance and powerful engine, is a car that continues to captivate car enthusiasts worldwide. However, despite its many coveted features, one modern amenity it lacks is the luxury of heated seats. The question that arises then is: can you retrofit heated seats in a classic Jaguar E-Type for improved comfort? In this article, we’ll delve into the feasibility of this retrofit, the types of heated seats available, and the potential added benefits of ventilated or cooled seats.

Retrofitting Heated Seats: Feasibility and Process

Retrofitting heated seats into your classic Jaguar E-Type is indeed feasible and fairly straightforward. However, it will require some mechanical know-how and the right tools. Below, we march through the steps you’d need to follow to bring this modern comfort to your vintage ride.

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Firstly, you will need to procure a heated seat kit suitable for your Jaguar E-Type. There are various types of these kits available in the market, from simple to more advanced ones. Basic kits usually come with heating pads for the seat base and backrest, a wiring harness, and a switch.

To install, you’ll need to remove the seats from the car, which involves unbolting them from the floor, and then carefully removing the upholstery. The heating pads will then be placed on the foam of the seats, ensuring they are positioned where they will provide maximum warmth to the driver and front passenger. Once the pads are in place, the upholstery can be reattached, and the seats bolted back into the car. The wiring will then need to be threaded through the car to the battery and switch.

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Exploring Different Types of Heated Seats

When choosing a heated seat kit, it’s important to understand the three main types of heated seats available: resistor-based systems, carbon fibre systems, and air-vented seats.

Resistor-based systems are the oldest type of heated seats. They come with a set of wires that heat up when the electricity passes through them. This heat then warms up the seat. Carbon fibre systems, on the other hand, use a thin layer of carbon fibre that heats up evenly when powered. This provides a more consistent and superior level of warmth than resistor-based systems.

The third type, air-vented seats, provide both heating and cooling options. They come with built-in ventilated channels that allow air to flow through the seat. In the colder months, the system can be switched on to provide warmth, while during hotter weather, it can be used to cool the seat.

The Advantages of Cooled or Ventilated Seats

Cooled or ventilated seats are a luxurious feature that can significantly increase the comfort level in your Jaguar E-Type. While they are more commonly found in high-end cars, retrofitting your classic Jaguar with cooled seats is a worthwhile consideration.

In hot weather, leather or vinyl seats can become uncomfortably hot and cause the driver or front passenger to sweat. Cooled seats can help to prevent this, as they use a series of fans to blow cool air through the seat, reducing the temperature. This can make driving in hot weather a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

In addition to providing a cooler seat in hot weather, ventilated seats can also help to improve the overall air quality inside the car. The fans in the seats help to circulate the air, reducing the build-up of heat and helping to keep the air fresh.

The Impact on The Classic Jaguar E-Type Value

As with any alterations to a classic car, it’s essential to consider the impact on the vehicle’s value. While some modifications can increase the car’s worth, others may detract from its original charm and reduce its market appeal.

Retrofitting heated or cooled seats in a classic Jaguar E-Type might not be to every potential buyer’s liking. Purists may prefer the vehicle to remain in its original state, while others may appreciate the added comfort of these modern amenities. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully weigh this decision before going ahead with the retrofit.

In the end, the choice to retrofit heated seats in your classic Jaguar E-Type depends on your personal preferences, needs, and long-term plans for the car. If you’re looking for improved comfort and don’t plan on selling the vehicle in the near future, this upgrade could be a perfect way to enhance your driving experience. However, if maintaining the car’s original features is a top priority, then this modification may not be for you.

Retrofitting Mercedes Benz-like Heated Seats and Luxury Cars Amenities

In the luxury cars segment, manufacturers like Mercedes Benz are known for setting the bar high when it comes to comfort features. One such feature is the heated front seats, which can make a world of difference during freezing weather. The good news for classic Jaguar E-Type owners is they can retrofit their vintage sports car with this modern amenity and enjoy added comfort.

The retrofitting process is somewhat similar to that of the heated seats. To start, identify a compatible heated-cooled seats kit for the Jaguar E-Type. Usually, these kits come with heating pads, cooling elements, wiring, switches, and detailed instructions for installation.

The cooling elements are typically installed in the seat’s foam, just like the heating pads. They are connected to a series of small fans, often located at the base of the seat. Once the system is powered, cool air is drawn in from the car’s interior, circulated through the ventilated channels in the seat, and then distributed evenly throughout the seat.

It is crucial to mention that installing cooled seats in a Jaguar E-Type will likely require professional assistance due to the complexity of the components involved. It’s also worth noting that the power usage of the cooled seats is higher than that of the heated seats. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the car’s electrical system capacity before proceeding with the retrofit.

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Heated-Cooled Seats Retrofit for Classic Jaguar E-Type

In conclusion, the prospect of retrofitting heated or cooled seats in a classic Jaguar E-Type is indeed promising. Not only does it offer the potential for enhanced comfort, but it also brings a touch of modern luxury to this iconic sports car.

However, like in all other modifications, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on the car’s value. As the thread starter for this discussion, it’s only fair to remind enthusiasts that while some might find the addition of heated or cooled seats as an improvement, others may view it as detracting from the original charm of this classic car.

Therefore, before making any modifications, it’s advisable to carefully consider your personal needs, long-term plans, and the potential market appeal. If the comfort offered by the heated-cooled seats trumps the appeal of retaining the car’s original features, then this modification could enhance your driving experience.

On the other hand, purists may prefer to keep their classic Jaguar E-Type in its original state, preserving its authenticity. At the end of the day, the decision lies in the hands of the car’s owner. With careful consideration and planning, retrofitting heated or cooled seats in a classic Jaguar E-Type can be a worthwhile endeavour.

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